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The OSK has since explored a variety of opportunities and is in the process of forming their own nonprofit. This will allow them to be in charge and sustain the operations of the music school long-term. Instruments of Peace has also re-evaluated how to most effectively promote peace through music. Music is the antithesis of violence. Instruments of Peace will support the OSK's music school operations by providing donated instruments, and beyond the OSK, will supply instruments to orchestras and musicians locally in Los Angeles as well as internationally. This has become our first project as we continued to witness an ever-growing need to keep the music playing to promote peace within ourselves, amongst one another, between communities, and around the world.


Every person involved in this project is an exemplary Instrument of Peace, whether they are a musician, a teacher, a cinematographer, a website designer, an archiect, a photographer, or someone who exudes passion for peace and music. We want to extend our deepest gratitude and thanks to these people who, without their generosity and guidance, this project would not have been possible.

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