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What Part Will YOU Play?

The OSK performing with Peter Gabriel at a 2013 event held in Malibu, California.

OSK in Malibu, California

Our Team

Michelle Rivet

With a Doctorate in Health and Behavior Education from Columbia University’s Teachers College, Michelle’s research in both the US and abroad has emphasized raising human dignity for women and children globally. With her additional background in performing arts production and education, Michelle is a creative activist and shares a passion for music and the arts to inspire peace and reconciliation.  Michelle is a member of the Board of Directors for Friends of the OSK.

Jillian Boardman

A dedication to international human rights and global activism has led Jillian to collaborate with several nonprofit organizations, both in Los Angeles and abroad. While completing a Master's Degree in International Relations at University of Queensland in Australia, Jillian relocated to Cambodia to conduct research while working with a local nonprofit organization on creating human trafficking prevention and poverty reduction programs.

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